Thursday, December 31, 2009


It’s been a while since I wrote… I’ll do a few different entries to fill you in on the latest happenings of my life. As of midnight last night I returned home from a 12 day adventure away. It was refreshing, energizing and full of many laughs and memorable moments.
I flew out to California to spend Christmas with friends and family. I welcomed the warm(er) weather with open arms and missed the worse snow storm in Iowa since 1968 while enjoying my days on the pacific coast (yes, I am still smiling about that:). From California I flew to Kansas City and attended the onething Conference put on by the International House of Prayer (IHOP). My life was touched and changed by what I heard, saw and experience. It has only increased my hunger and desire for more. I can’t wait to go back for more.
I returned home to find my car and my house buried in snow. I live on the bottom level of an apartment complex and I felt like I was walking into an igloo when I walked in my room. All I could see looking out my window was snow! It was literally piled up over half way on my windows… I had to stand on a chair if I wanted to see outside! I think I might be completely buried by the time spring comes around!!!! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I will tell you more stories next year:D