Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Turn Of Events

Exactly one month from today I'm going to pile all of my belongings into my car and start driving the 1704 miles (2742 km) in pursuit of something great that was placed before me. Earlier this month I received a job offer to be an Event Coordinator for a Youth Director in Orange City, IA. I said yes and am taking the plunge into the unknown. I am venturing to the midwest, the heartland, the land of never ending corn:) I am both excited and scared about this move but I know I am making the right move and God is directing my steps.

I made a list of things I want to do before I leave Lynden (let me know if you want to do any of these with me!):

  • Visit Lummi Island (I would love to be able to bike around it)
  • Dress up and have dinner at Giuseppes
  • Order something from the Taco Bus (Bakerview or The Guide)
  • Go ALL the way around lake Padden (I've only gone part way!)
  • Go Curling in Canada with friends again
  • Watch a movie at the Twilight Drive-In
  • Eat lots of Tim Hortons, Mr. Bigs, and Goodie Rings
This last month is going to be a blast. I will miss Whatcom County and the people here... this last year has been so much fun entailing so many memories. I plan to make the most of these next 4 weeks. And am excited so see what is waiting for me Iowa!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Traveling Adventures

A little over a week ago I jumped on a plane and ventured out to Iowa. I was able to visit my brother and spend some quality time with his family. Some humorous moments along included my nephew asking me if I flew in on a Fighter Plane (Sioux Falls Airport shares its run way with the Air Guard—a small division of the US Air Force). What aunt can say no a pair of excited big blue eyes on a 4 year old in a moment like that! Not to mention I was having visions of Tom Cruise and Top Gun flashing though my mind—I answered YES to his question without a missing a beat.

On my flight home, I had a layover in Minneapolis. I decided to wander around the airport to occupy some time. In my wandering, I discover there are vending machines for electronic devices now! I'm accustom to seeing chips and chocolate bars pop out… now I can go up with my credit card press B9 and out comes an iPod!!! I think I’m being hit with the realization that I am getting “oldER”.

As I boarded the plane that evening, I proceed to make way to my seat. I like window seats. As I was maneuvering over to my seat my butt clears not one but all of the pop-down-trays-against-the-seat. Horrified at the sight of the trays flapped down (and a now red face at this point) I placed the trays in the upright position as fast I could and prayed nobody saw the recent parade of events occurring in row 29 involving my larger-than-life-a**! Apparently my eating habits have not only decided to affect my love handles but have decided to love by backside a little more as well. As I sat waiting for take-off, my brain jumped 25 years ahead and I thought "if I’m feeling like this at 26 what on earth am I going to be feeling like at 50!"

In all honesty, I’m not that worried about what I’ll look like when I’m 50 (only a little:). I am choosing to enjoy life where it’s at and I’m having a great time! I love to laugh, even if it’s at myself. I really do believe laughter is the best medicine. And NO I don't think I'm fat... I just happened to have an "I feel fat" moment.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


There is a note circulating Facebook getting people to post 25 random things about themselves. I participated, made a list of my own and posted it. In college I used to get the 100 question surveys (eg. 1)Last book you read 2)What time you where born 3)Have you ever been in love ...) and I’d usually do them in honor of mastering my procrastination skills and putting my homework aside. (I got quite good at it too:)

I’ll admit it—I kind of like doing those little survey’s every once in a while. I think what draws people in is the desire to know and be known. Deep down we want people to like us for who we REALLY are. We want to be accepted despite our faults and insecurities. We want to express a little bit of ourselves without people interrupting. I love reading what others say on their list. It's amazing the things you don't know about somebody. Every person has a story--I love learning what those stories are.

Here are a few random things from my list:

1. I love to travel but don't like being in airplanes.
2. I used to think TUMS were candy when I was little and I'd give them to my friends as treats.
3. Fall is my favourite season--sometimes I feel bad because I'm happy things are dying.
4. I panic when seaweed touches me in the water.
5. I dream of staying in a castle by the sea (any large body of water really) one day.