Friday, November 21, 2008

Dream Big

I recently read this book. It scared me, challenged me,and inspired me. Three common questions are brought forth by the author 1)Where am I going? 2) What should I be doing? 3) Who am I becoming? The heart of these questions ultimately lead to these questions: Who has God created me to be? And what had God created me to do?
When I started reading Wide Awake I wanted to put it down and never open it again. After the first chapter I realized if I kept reading, life as I currently knew it would have to change. Deep in my spirit I sensed I was meant for something great. I don't know what great looks like but I do know that great freaks me out a little. On the other hand, great keep me striving for more. Great tells me not to settle for the safe and comfortable. Great is a God sized dream being shaped and molded within me. I know what God has in store for me is beyond what I am capable of imagining myself.
McManus uses Adam as a great example. Here's a small excerpt from the book:
"Remember Adam? He didn't say to God, 'God, thanks for the elephants. They're really fun to ride. I'm not so sure about the rhinos; don't ever mount them from the front. God thanks for everything, but I've got an idea. I need a woman! Koalas are cute, but they're a terrible date." Adam didn't have a clue. He couldn't even conceptualize a woman ... God knew something Adam needed. Something Adam didn't even know he needed. God knew what Adam would want, what Adam would need, something Adam couldn't even imagine.
While Adam was in a deep sleep, God took a rib out of his body and created woman. Then he woke Adam up. When Adam was awakened, he saw Eve and he came alive. He must have given God a standing ovation. God was not only the Creator but creative. He must have thanked God for not limiting himself to Adam's ability to imagine: 'Woman was a great idea! Thanks God. It never even occurred to me. I didn't know we could be a complimentary set. I'll give up a a rib for another Eve anytime. Thank you, God."

I am learning to become more self-aware. The more self-aware I can become the more effective I can become. I think this is part of the reason community is vital. Sometimes we can be completely blind to ourselves. We can't see who God has made us to become. Deep down we're afraid people might see us for who we really are and conclude we have no value at all. McManus writes, "You were created in the image of and likeness of God. As broken, damaged, and messed up as you may be, God sees extraordinary capacity in you." Make the effort to encourage and be encouraged by those around you. You'll be amazed what you see in them that they don't see in themselves. Be a part of making their dreams come alive.

Friday, November 14, 2008

One Republic

MTV voted OR as one of the best live bands of 2008.

April and I went from row 17 to front row seats due to some nice security guards:)

The concert was amazing--true musicians.
One word to describe the evening:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rays Of Sunshine

I absolutely love sunsets. I could watch one every night and it would never get old. The brilliance, the colors, the calm, the symphony of the sky captivates me every time. Last night I was thinking about the opposite—I was thinking about sunrises. Seeing the dawn break through the dark of the night: you’re expectant, you know the sun will keep rising, you know the day will get warmer, and you know the sun will set with a bang.
How characteristic of our Heavenly Father! So often we sit and “just wait” for God to act. If I would wake up every morning, stare out my window “just watching and waiting” for the sun to be at its full blaze… dude, that would seem like it would take forever! Not quite as painful as watching grass grow, but it’s a runner up. BUT if I continue to go about my business through the day, each time I look out the window I’m going to notice that the suns shining a little brighter. I’m going to feel the warmth of its effects; before I know it the sun will be shining on me, in me, and through me.
I know the sun will rise everyday and I know God promises His children whatever we ask according to His will. If I don’t get the answer I want, it means God has something better in mind—so I remind myself not to be discouraged. I hold fast to the promises of heaven and keep waiting, keep expecting, keep hoping. I will continue doing what God has called me to do, be where he has called me to be and before I know it, I’ll wonder where the day has gone and how the sun got to be so bright in my life.