Friday, October 5, 2012

September Adventures

I'm not passionate about scrap-booking, shopping or Monday night football... for the longest time I honestly didn't think I had any "true hobbies".  Sure I love to curl up with a good book and blast my ipod while I'm driving (not together:).  But it's not like I always have my nose in a book or am a musician by any means.  So I sat back and asked what should be the obvious question: what on earth do I save for?  The answer came down to plane tickets and gas. I came to the conclusion my hobby was finding adventures and traveling when I can.  I truly LOVE to go on adventures. 
Earlier this month Brian and I were able to travel up to my hometown (Smithers, BC)!!!  It was so much fun taking him to see where I grew up. As silly as it may seem, I was able to say "this is where I went to school", "this is where my best friend and I hung out all the time" and "these are the mountains I looked at everyday".  We were able to go on lots of little hikes  and went for some beautiful drives in the area.  My family never had tons of money growing up, we didn't go on vacations to Disneyland or holiday at a lake home.  Besides visiting family, we created our own things to do.  I grew up hiking, swimming in mountain creeks and camping in the woods.  As soon as I graduated high school, my little world of adventure got a lot bigger.  Now I live in Iowa and married a guy who likes adventures almost as much as I do.    
While Brian and I were in Smithers, I felt like I was able to share such a big piece of my heart with him. Seeing a person's home can bring so much understanding to what you know about them.  I think Brian can say he understands me better now and why I have some of the quirks I do (example: why I think corolla's can go 4-wheeling:).  And I can say I learned a lot more about him on this trip too.  It kinda happens when you're confined to small space for hours on end with somebody. Before I got married, I had to know I could travel with my future spouse.  This would be why...Here are a few pictures from our trip.

One day were were able to make a day trip to Alaska with my parents.  Saw some bears and a couple glaciers.  We were blessed with gorgeous weather!

After Smithers, we jumped on over to Southern California for a quick business trip.  Picked up a truck and drove it back to Iowa. 

All in all, the 10 days of traveling to the west coast and back were a blast. 
1 couple // 2 countries // 4 planes and // 4300 miles of driving.  

I think that qualifies as a pretty good adventure:)