Monday, May 18, 2015

Dream Come True

This past weekend, Brian and I drove out to Rapid City, SD and started a new "adventure".  We bought a pick-up camper!!!!  We did some touring through the Black Hills and Custer State Park.  Then settled in for the night at by the Pactola Reservoir and spent our first night camping (in our camper).

As we drove up to Pactola, I kept having flashbacks to the first time I drove past this lake.  It would've been spring of 2009 -- when I was moving from Washington State to Iowa. I started the long drive in the Pacific Northwest, picked up my cousin Hannah in Seattle and the two of us drove my packed-down little Corolla to the Heartland.  Along the way, we decided to jump off I-90 and hit up Mt Rushmore.  As we ventured down our little detour, I remember coming across this beautiful lake and thinking "I want to come back and camp here someday".  

 MARCH 2009

When Brian and I drove up to Pactola, I realized that THIS was the lake I saw 6 years ago with Hannah!!!!  I had not remembered the name at all.... but the setting was unmistakable.  My heart was captured by the beauty of the lake and scenery just as much this time as it was the first time. 

MAY 2015

Both experiences seem to be a launch point of sorts.  When I was moving to Iowa, I wouldn't have dreamed it would take me 6 YEARS to get back to that lake.  And 6 years ago, I wouldn't have imagined I'd be coming back with a HUSBAND and our very own pick-up CAMPER!  This weekend continued to affirm me that DREAMS DO COME TRUE.  They don't always come in the order we think they should or as fast as we'd like them sometimes; but they DO happen.  Even dreams that you almost forgot about and realized in the moment that it's become a reality.

I have a long list of places I'd like to take our little camper.  If I could, I'd drop everything right now and go travel... but alas, I know the timing is not quite right. It will happen one place at a time and maybe one day it will happen for a chunk of time.  I know I will find myself on future adventures and probably have some more unexpected dreams come true along the way. Looking forward to more #oordtadventures in the days to come.