Monday, December 12, 2011

Never The Same

I was recently inspired to start writing again. Not sure if it's the onset of winter and not wanting to go outside (seriously... it was -18F/-27C last week), hitting the "slow" season at work or the recent inspiration of a few other blogs I've read. So here I am, attempting to share a little of me again.
A lot has happened over the last year. A lot of change in the last few months especially. Labour Day weekend Brian proposed... I said yes:) And we were married in Montana 1 month ago today. Our wedding was small and intimate. We piled about 30 people in a cabin in the mountains and gave our lives to each other before God and witness. There was so much love and blessing in that place; it was a humbling moment.
The journey to our wedding and after has been filled with memories. A few unexpected road bumps, but overall, things we can look back on and laugh as we remember. Everything from forgotten birth certificates, to being snowed out of our honeymoon destination and making emergency room runs. In all honestly, despite the craziness of it all, our lives have been an adventure so far and I hope it never stops. Taking the time to reflect we've seen God's hand on all of it.
A question that came up while Brian and I were doing devotions the other morning was: What is the most spiritually significant moment of your life? The older I've become the more important reflection has become. I don't want to "stay reliving" the past--rather I want to see where I've come, were I am today and believe even greater thing for the future because of what I see. As both of us pondered the above question I came up with 2 answers.
The first being my baptism. Easter Sunday 2008. I remember it so is a day I hold close to my heart. The peace and joy that flowed over me was amazing. I know the gates of heaven opened that day and poured out the Holy Spirit over my life in a new way. My life hasn't been the same since. The second moment would be standing at the alter with my beloved husband. God was whispering to me that I didn't have to fight alone any more. Brian and I clasped hands, raised our arms and let God's Spirit pour over us as we worshiped. A little bit of heaven came down and met us that day. Again, my life hasn't been the same since. Marriage is truly a gift from above.