Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Part 1: The City Of Fountains

I was introduced to Kansas City this past summer on a work trip. The first night I was there it stole a piece of my heart . I absolutally LOVE fountains; the bigger the better. And KC has fountains galore!!! Since my introduction I've had the opportunity to go back several times. Most recently I have been captivated by the what's been going on at the KC IHOP (International House of Prayer).

I initially heard the name IHOP (the IHOP without pancakes that is:) when I was living in New Zealand about 3 years ago. My interests were peaked but I never managed to find the time to come and experience it when I arrived back to North America. Moving out to Iowa last April opened the door and I've been to their prayer room numerous times now.

These experieces have touched me deeply, they have encouraged me and made me hungry for more of what heaven brings to earth. I long for more. I long for more truth, love and intimacy admist all the hurt and pain that surrounds me both near and far. The battles of this world seek to pull us down but I am choosing to look beyond to GREATER things which are coming.