Thursday, April 23, 2009

Midwest Hospitallity

It's almost been a month since the big move. Time seems to be passing quickly as I'm adjusting, learning, and getting to know new position. I feel more than ever that this was the right move at the right time. I can tell without a shadow of a doubt God's hand has been on this situation from day one.

I was a little nervous about coming out, but I've really started to like where I'm at. I even changed my license plates ... I feel like a true Iowatonian now!! A few things I've learned since being in the Midwest are:

  • I get GREAT gas milage out here!!! I have a 25 minute commute to work everyday--I can stick my cruise control on 60mph almost the whole way.
  • I can buy a dozen eggs for $1 (can't beet that unless I'd raise my own chickens!)
  • When it gets really hot out... pigs can explode (disgusting I know)
  • There's nothing like corn in Iowa. It grows so fast you can hear it.

All in all I can say I'm learning the true meaning of Midwest Hospitallity. I have felt nothing but kindness since being here.


.heidi.noelle. said...

ok the pig comment...ewwwww!!!!

Janelle said...

I'm glad you're enjoying life out there. I can confidently say that after 4yrs of college out there, I never have a desire to move back to where there are no mountains and nasty smelling farms, but the sunsets are nice.
And yah that pig comment. sick.