Monday, October 19, 2009


I would venture to say I am a pretty independent woman. At the age of 18--less than two weeks after I graduated high school--I packed up my belongings and headed south. Going from small-town-canadian-girl to the bright city lights of was a bit of culture shock to say the least! Eight years later I'm sitting here reflecting; I realize I've actually accomplished things I set out to do and travelled to places I only dreamt of going. I've become the "independent" woman I dreamed to be. I've come a long way from that first venture I set out on. Deep down, past the places I've gone, the choices I've made and where I am now...sometimes I still feel like a vulnerable little girl. I want to feel safe among all the crap that goes on around me. In case I fall down, I want to know that somebody will be there to pick me up. Sometimes a girl just needs a dad to hold her and say "baby girl everything will be alright." Sometimes I'm too proud to admit it. Past my moments of pride and "independence" I know I need and want somebody strong beside me. Thanks for being there dad. And thanks to all the dads who have been around when my own dad was too far away to be there for me.

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