Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rays Of Sunshine

I absolutely love sunsets. I could watch one every night and it would never get old. The brilliance, the colors, the calm, the symphony of the sky captivates me every time. Last night I was thinking about the opposite—I was thinking about sunrises. Seeing the dawn break through the dark of the night: you’re expectant, you know the sun will keep rising, you know the day will get warmer, and you know the sun will set with a bang.
How characteristic of our Heavenly Father! So often we sit and “just wait” for God to act. If I would wake up every morning, stare out my window “just watching and waiting” for the sun to be at its full blaze… dude, that would seem like it would take forever! Not quite as painful as watching grass grow, but it’s a runner up. BUT if I continue to go about my business through the day, each time I look out the window I’m going to notice that the suns shining a little brighter. I’m going to feel the warmth of its effects; before I know it the sun will be shining on me, in me, and through me.
I know the sun will rise everyday and I know God promises His children whatever we ask according to His will. If I don’t get the answer I want, it means God has something better in mind—so I remind myself not to be discouraged. I hold fast to the promises of heaven and keep waiting, keep expecting, keep hoping. I will continue doing what God has called me to do, be where he has called me to be and before I know it, I’ll wonder where the day has gone and how the sun got to be so bright in my life.

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