Thursday, April 1, 2010

One Year In Iowa

One year ago today I started my first day of work here in Orange City, IA! This past year has held a lot of memories... some make me laugh... others make me want to cry. In many aspects, this has been a hard year but a good year. I still feel as thought I am in transition--a part of me wonders if that feeling will ever go away out here. Here is a small recap of the GOOD year I have had:)

Hannah and I playing with the bears in South Dakota on our road trip
Girls weekend in Vancouver... my first encounter with the ocean after the big move!
April and I spending some quality time together in Winnipeg
Halloween... we know how to dress in STYLE
The onething conference in Kansas City (once again... chipotle was STILL worth the wait)
Bob and I making snow angels... another regular day at work!!!

Thanks for enjoying this little walk down memory lane with me!!! Time sure does fly when you're having fun:)

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Nathan said...

Chipotle is ALWAYS worth the wait...

Glad you're enjoying your time in Iowa!