Monday, January 23, 2012


I feel as thought it is a constant battle to have peace in my life. I honestly believe it is something we are supposed to strive for and by having peace we are able to let go of the little details like control, pride and selfishness that tend to creep their way in. It's like you're swimming along in the ocean - enjoying the sun and the water and a wave comes crashing over you sucking you into a salty spin. Suddenly you're disorientated, survival instincts kick in and the only thing you want is fresh air. How do you keep from getting rattled by the waves? I know there are seasons in life, but I don't believe Jesus intends for us to be on a constant roller coaster either.

The only thing I keep coming back to, is knowing there is stability in the cross. All of my burdens can be laid at the feet of Jesus. There is so much more to life than being stuck in the cycle of restlessness. The sleepless nights - If you've ever seen the movie Ice Age, there's a scene where Sid the Sloth is attempting to get comfortable and sleep on a rock. He flips and flops, trying every position possible to find comfort. Let's be honest, I pretty much looked like Sid last night. You make plans and an unexpected twist falls smack-dab in the middle of them. You try something new and fail or you try something old and it just doesn't pick you up like it used too.

These are the words Jesus says to obtain peace:

Fix your thoughts on what is TRUE, and HONORABLE, and RIGHT, and PURE, and LOVELY, and ADMIRABLE.
Think about things that are EXCELLENT and PRAISE WORTHY.
Keep putting into practice all you LEARNED and RECEIVED from me—everything you HEARD from me and SAW me doing.
THEN the God of PEACE will be with you.

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