Monday, February 2, 2015

Something Old

It seems like every winter I get inspired to start writing again.  I think part of it is, I have a lot more down time so I'm looking for something to do.  Summer kicks in and I put all my energy into the craziness that proceeds.  It's a schedule I've grown used to, but I tend drop the ball on numerous things (this blog included) as summer survival mode kicks in.

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to start writing again.  This desire spurred up around some rather unfortunate circumstances, yet my heart seems to pour into words that somehow release tensions in my soul. 

The last week in November, a large tumor was discovered in my Dad's kidney.  Surgery was scheduled for the beginning of January to remove it... kidney and all.  Knowing this was no small deal, I bought tickets to go home and yes, the tumor was malignant. The big "C" word was confirmed. Everything in me despises the word cancer.  It's ugly. It's hurtful. And it takes life in horrible, devastating ways.  In Dad's case, the surgeon was confident he got all the cancer out. PTL. 

As I walked this journey with my parents, I began to send out daily updates to immediate family and close family friends.  At first I started writing due to pure demand.  People were wanting to know how my dad was doing; I didn't have the best phone plan while in Canada, so I jumped on the free wifi bandwagon and email it was.  

After about a week of sending update emails, I began to realize this "demand" had also become an outlet.  It reaffirmed this small connection I have with words.  I'm not saying I'm the best writer in the world... I'm not sure I would even classify my writing as good.  But I would call it heartfelt.  Writing has a way of capturing the thoughts deep in my soul that I'm not sure I verbalize well.  It is something I enjoy--when I take the time to do it that is:)

So here we are 4 weeks in to 2015; another 48 to go.  I flipped the calendar to a new month, and February felt like a new start.  Flipping the calendar is something I look forward to each and every month.  Simple pleasure.  I know.  I hope as you flipped your calendar this month, you were refreshed in some way, shape or form.  That you were able to take a small look at where you've been and press forward to something new.  Or, pick-up on something old and be inspired again.

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