Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Office Supplies

I don't know why or what sparked my love for it, but I love office supplies. Highlighters, cool paper clips, post-its (the super sticky ones of course)... if I walk into an office supply store I want to go crazy and start buying stuff. I may already own it but I will tell myself I need more. The more colors I have the more excited it makes me. I wonder if this is how guys feel when they walk into a hardware store and see tools?

I've also developed a habit of wanting to highlight, underline, star, make comments in the margins--you name it--when I read books. I don't go crazy and have more highlighter on the page than there is black ink. I like to think I take the important stuff (and I make sure I don't do it to books I'm borrowing... no need to freak out peeps:).

With all that being said I ran across a little someth'n-someth'n I noted beside a while back and it re-struck a note. So I decided to share:

"While some of us are headed in the wrong direction, others of us may be going in the right direction but we're not stopping and getting gas for the long haul. Are you living as if it's God's responsibility to make sure you have oil for your lamp? Maybe you're spiritualizing your lack of preparation: 'If God wants it to happen, it will happen,' or 'I'm just waiting on God.' ... When we fall short because we were unprepared for an opportunity, we blow it off and say, 'Well, that must have been the Lord's will.' That's a Christianized way of blaming God for our own problems. There are some opportunities you were intended to have that you may not even see, much less seize, because you didn't prepare yourself for the future opportunity. Sometimes the reward is in the effort."-McManus

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